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Flight Status Information for COnvention Center

Utilizing real-time data from the United States Federal Aviation Administration and airports all over the world, FlightTimeTV™ offers the most up-to-date information available on flight arrival times, departures, delays or cancellations for every flight from every airport in the world.

Designed for Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Convention Centers and any other segment of the hospitality industry, FTTV™ has proven to be a valuable amenity, garnering praise from Guests and locations alike.

Offer as a complimentary service or utilize on location to stay on top of potential room overflow. In most cases, the monthly rate is cheaper than the average rate for a hotel's single night stay.

FTTV™ can be integrated into media displays already present at your location; your guest room TV network or digital signage message boards.

Flight status information for Hotels & Convention Centers, and more
Show flight data for multiple airports on a single screen
Display in lobby or on the Hotel TV-Network
Easily integrated into existing Digital Signage (Video, HTML and RSS feeds)

FTTV™ Display Methods

Flight Status in Hotel Lobby

Hotel Lobby Flight Information
Display real-time flight information in your hotel lobby.

Integrate Flight Status in existing Digital Signage

Existing Digital Signage
Incorporate flight information into your existing Reader Board / Digital Signage.

Flight Status In Room on the Guest TV Network

Hotel: IN ROOM Flight Information
Broadcast flight information in your hotel on the in-room Guest TV Network.

FTTV Delivery Methods

Integrated RF modulator/amplifier and coax output allows FTTV to broadcast live, real-time flight information directly over a location's Guest TV network.
HTML delivery for flight status integration into digital signage throughout the location.
Easily integratable XML can be used to augment digital signage in a Hotel lobby, breakfast area or bar.

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